We create human-centered experiences & drive transformative growth with Data & AI.

Who We Are

At SENEN, we believe that the power of data & AI can transform business and drive lasting positive change. We are a team of forward-thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers who thrive on pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible. Our diverse group of seasoned experts and talented individuals brings together expertise from various fields that work tirelessly to develop groundbreaking and scalable solutions that address the most pressing challenges of both in business and society. 

Our Guiding Principles


We believe new ways of thinking are the backbone of rapid progress and uncommon growth. We believe in breaking old mindsets and stale patterns with data & AI.


For us, sustainability is much more than a greener planet. It is world where humans thrive.  We believe in moving sustainable goals forward with the power of data & AI. 


Humans are at the heart of everything we do. From business users to women in developing nations, our solutions empower humans in business & society.

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SENEN's story

"SENEN is a rarity. It is one of the very few global data & AI consultancies founded & led by a young, diverse woman."  - Ronnie Sheth, Founder & CEO, SENEN GROUP

Our story starts in 2012 when our founder envisioned a company built to bring sustainable growth and impactful change to organizations around the globe. Rooted in traditional strategic advisory and management consulting, SENEN was formed to help companies identify and tackle root causes that stunt growth. While management consulting still exists at the very core of SENEN’s offerings, the team has now gone back to its roots in the data and AI space. With operational expertise as data and AI leaders in the technology sector, we now enable companies to tackle their most complex problems with the help of two critical enablers: data and AI. 

SENEN started as a small Canadian company headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario. Today, SENEN has expanded across North America and Europe serving large enterprises such as Fortune 500 companies, innovative scale-ups as well as public sector clients. With a logo base of industry titans and leading institutions, SENEN has built a track record of consistent success in delivering innovative strategies and scalable operating models in the field of data & AI. 

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