SENEN GROUP Wins Innovation in Business Awards 2024

Austin, TX, & United Kingdom, February 26, 2024 – Ronnie Sheth, CEO & Founder of SENEN GROUP has received UK’s Innovation in Business’  “Technology CEO of the Year Awards 2024”. This programme celebrates and recognizes the most influential and innovative CEOs in the technology sector, who have shown outstanding leadership, vision, and strategy in leading their businesses to success.

Innovation in Business Technology CEO of the Year Awards 2024

In 2024, the technology sector is undergoing rapid and transformative shifts, fueled by advancements in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, cybersecurity & more. These developments present fresh opportunities and obstacles for CEOs, and SENEN GROUP has demonstrated remarkable adaptability and innovation to maintain a competitive edge. The role of CEOs is increasingly tech-centric even beyond the tech realm, as companies seek leaders and advisors like our very own Ronnie Sheth, who are capable of leveraging technology to spur innovation and expansion.

Acknowledged as one of the Top 300 Innovators & Innovation Enablers in Austin, SENEN GROUP stands as a pioneer in the data revolution. Its diverse and skilled team is committed to crafting transformative, human-centered experiences by seamlessly integrating Data and Artificial Intelligence across strategy, operations, and organizational culture.

Driven by the conviction that data and AI hold the power to revolutionize businesses and foster enduring positive impacts on society, SENEN continually pushes boundaries and reshapes the realm of possibility. Through pioneering solutions, it addresses the most urgent challenges confronting both business and society.

“SENEN is a rarity. It is one of the very few global data & AI consultancies founded & led by a young, diverse woman. Thank you to the Innovation in Business Magazine and AI Global Media team for recognizing our work and passion to move both business and society forward through the power of data & AI.” – Ronnie Sheth, Founder & CEO, SENEN GROUP

Awards Coordinator Jessie Wilson took a moment to speak on the achievements of those recognized: “The CEO role is an exceptionally demanding one, but to manage such an intricate array of obligations while simultaneously adapting to the rapid evolution of technology takes a new level of talent altogether. Thankfully, the featured awardees possess talent in abundance, and for that we congratulate them.”

To learn more about the award winners, please visit the Innovation in Business website ( where you can access the distinguished winners, such as Ronnie Sheth.

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SENEN serves as a global strategic advisory firm, assisting industry giants, Fortune 500 companies, high-growth scale-ups, NGOs & inter-governmental organizations in unlocking the value of data & AI since 2012. SENEN’s work is modeled through designing enterprise data & AI strategy, scalable operating models, literacy enablement programs, robust data & AI governance frameworks, and fractional intelligence services. Their mission is to facilitate sustainable growth, foster revolutionary ideation, and inspire unprecedented innovation.SENEN has offices in Austin, Texas, Vaughan, Canada, and London, UK. To learn more about SENEN GROUP, read more here:

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