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As big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and data storage in the cloud become increasingly prominent in today's digital age, concerns about their environmental impact have risen. 
Last year, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) agreed to pay $725m (£600m) to settle a lawsuit over a data breach linked to political consultancy firm, Cambridge Analytica.  As one of the worst data privacy breaches in history, what exactly happened that created this lawsuit in the first place? 
In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the protection of individuals' personal data has become a paramount concern. The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stands as a pivotal moment in the history of big data in safeguarding the privacy rights of European citizens.
Boost your data health and performance with our cutting-edge data observability solutions. Discover the 5 key pillars for ensuring data reliability, proactively detecting issues, and achieving operational excellence in the era of big data.
The UK leads the way in leveraging data-driven strategies to revolutionize urban mobility and address environmental concerns in transportation. Mobility data is harnessed for urban planning and promoting sustainable public transport. The "Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy" outlines principles focusing on safety, accessibility, and environmental consciousness.
Serving as a roadmap, data governance policy ensures data quality, security, and access, preventing poor decision-making, fostering data democratization, and ensuring regulatory compliance.
Ronnie Sheth, CEO & founder of SENEN GROUP, has been honored as Woman of The Year by the Business Intelligence Group, receiving the BIG Award for Business.
Explore how electric vehicles and mobility data are intertwined in shaping a sustainable transportation future. It emphasizes the pivotal role of mobility data in Europe for sustainability and envisions a cleaner, technologically advanced transportation landscape.
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