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gender diversity in the workplace
Discover how gender diversity in the workplace drives profitability while closing the gap in STEM careers. Explore actionable strategies and insights to foster inclusivity, attract talent, and maximize economic benefits.
SENEN Wins Technology CEO of the Year
Ronnie Sheth, CEO & Founder of SENEN GROUP has received UK’s Innovation in Business’  “Technology CEO of the Year Awards 2024”.
Sustainable Data Strategy
A sustainable data strategy is, at its core, sustainably managing and organizing data in a way that minimizes digital waste and maximizes efficiency. 
Greenwashing involves inflating or fabricating claims about the eco-friendliness of products, services, or business practices to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. At it's. core, it is a form of deception where companies prioritize the appearance of sustainability over actual environmentally responsible actions.
AI Trends 2024
In 2024, AI will reshape industries and work dynamics. Key trends include enhanced AI workforce integration, upskilling emphasis, and industry-specific applications driving revolutionary changes. Adaptation to these trends is crucial for navigating AI's evolving landscape.
data trends 2024
As 2024 approaches transformative trends in the data landscape. Innovations in data centers, including edge computing, liquid cooling, and AI-driven management, redefine operational efficiency. In analytics, augmented and real-time capabilities, coupled with increased data democratization, shape decision-making processes. Cloud computing advances through hybrid models and quantum capabilities, while sustainable practices and heightened data security measures gain prominence. The growing importance of data literacy underscores its role in building a resilient, agile, and competitive future for organizations navigating the dynamic digital terrain.
Ronnie Sheth, Founder & CEO of SENEN GROUP has been named Austin Woman magazine’s “Woman to Watch” in their inaugural Change Makers List 2024.
Explore the crucial role of data literacy in organizational success. Learn six key tips, emphasizing the essential investment in data literacy for team empowerment in the data-driven landscape.
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