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Data Literacy
Delve into the world of data literacy and learn how to equip your workforce with the essential skills needed to thrive in today's data-driven environment. Discover the top five online resources that cater to beginners and intermediate learners, offering comprehensive training in understanding, analyzing, and effectively communicating with data.
Smart Street Lighting
Explore the evolution of light from ancient torches to modern-day smart street lighting systems, projected to reach a market value of $4.35 billion by 2027. Discover how smart street lighting harnesses data and advanced technology to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and safety in urban environments, paving the way for smarter cities.
Company's Carbon Footprint
Discover the financial benefits of reducing your company's carbon footprint, from accessing funding incentives to attracting customers and investors. Explore actionable solutions to minimize emissions and enhance sustainability, positioning your business for long-term success in a world increasingly focused on environmental responsibility.
Fashion Data
Explore the critical issue of data transparency in the fashion industry, driven by impending EU regulations and concerns over environmental impact. Discover the challenges behind the data gap and actionable solutions for brands to enhance traceability, sustainability, and consumer trust.
Zagreb Digital Twin
Explore how Zagreb pioneers urban planning with digital twins, leveraging real-time data to simulate and optimize city dynamics. Learn how technologies like ArcGIS and Esri shape the evolution of urban landscapes, empowering decision-makers to create smarter, more sustainable cities.
enterprise data strategy
Discover the indispensable role of an Enterprise Data Strategy (EDS) in navigating the complexities of modern data landscapes. Learn how EDS enhances data governance, optimizes infrastructure, fosters agility, and drives innovation, ensuring your organization stays ahead in the data-driven era.
data challenges in real estate
Data's transformative potential in revolutionizing real estate operations faces challenges like data quality issues and skill gaps, yet solutions such as centralized platforms and training programs offer avenues for integration and optimization.
AI Governance
Discover the significance of AI governance for businesses across industries. Learn about regulatory trends and frameworks shaping the responsible and ethical use of AI. Explore real-life examples and strategies to strengthen security, mitigate biases, and ensure transparency in AI deployment.
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