What is Data Strategy Consulting? The 6 Most Important Things to Consider When Finding the Right One 

A 2023 survey revealed that companies affected by data breaches lost a global average of $4.45 million USD. Data is integral for the growth and success of companies in this age, but it requires the proper preparation, storage, and direction for its value to be reached. But, it’s hard to know where to start or how to execute it properly.

Enter the need for strong data strategy consulting.  

Consider a retail company (let’s call them “Heels Galore”) that is experiencing stagnant sales despite having vast amounts of customer data. You would think that they would be able to crack the code with the vast information at their fingertips. However, the reality is that the cause for their lull could be attributed to a lack of a clear strategy for leveraging this data to understand customer preferences, optimize inventory management, and personalize marketing efforts. If they turned to data strategy consulting it could help them identify opportunities, formulate a data-driven strategy, and implement solutions to revitalize the business. Don’t be a victim of poor data management and utilization like Heels Galore – let the experts figure it out.

What is Data Strategy Consulting?

Data strategy consulting involves the development and execution of a comprehensive plan to maximize the value of data within an organization. It encompasses defining business objectives, assessing data assets, implementing technologies, and establishing processes to ensure data-driven decision-making across all levels of the organization.

Checklist: Do I Need To Hire Data Strategy Consultants?

If you’re not quite sure what you need and if data strategy consulting is right for you, we’ve compiled a series of questions to determine if your business could benefit from data strategy consulting. Answer them in “Yes” or “No”, and keep track of your answers as you go:

  1. Are you struggling to derive actionable insights from your data? (Y/N)
  2. Do you lack a cohesive strategy for data governance and management? (Y/N)
  3. Are you looking to harness data to drive innovation and gain a competitive edge? (Y/N)
  4. Do you face challenges in integrating disparate data sources? (Y/N)
  5. Are you unsure how to comply with data privacy regulations while leveraging data effectively? (Y/N)
  6. Do you need assistance in selecting and implementing data analytics tools and technologies? (Y/N)
  7. Do you have long turnaround times for reports, and/or have fragmented information that is hard to make sense of? (Y/N)
  8. Do you feel disconnected from your IT teams and experience communication barriers involving anything around data? (Y/N)
  9. Do you use legacy systems that cause a lag in administration or implementation? (Y/N)
  10. Do you want to implement AI and have no idea how, or you’ve tried and it failed? (Y/N)

If you answered “yes” to 2 or more of these questions, your business could most definitely benefit from the expertise of a data strategy consultant.

Benefits of Strategy Consulting

Let’s say Heels Galore did the checklist and realized that they needed help. It’s become clear that their old practices are causing so many problems in their organization, that is ultimately trickling down to impacting their customers and sales. They’ve decided to take the plunge and hire some help. Data strategy consulting offers numerous benefits to organizations:

  1. Optimized Decision-Making: By aligning data initiatives with business goals, organizations can make informed decisions based on reliable data insights.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: A well-defined data strategy streamlines processes, improves data quality, and eliminates redundancies, leading to increased operational efficiency.
  3. Competitive Advantage: Leveraging data effectively can provide businesses with a competitive edge by enabling them to anticipate market trends, understand customer behavior, and innovate products and services.
  4. Risk Mitigation: Data strategy consulting helps organizations mitigate risks associated with data breaches, compliance violations, and poor data management practices.
  5. Cost Savings: By identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, organizations can reduce costs associated with data storage, management, and analysis.

Use Cases for Data Strategy Consultants Across Different Industries

Data strategy consulting can be applied across various industries and business functions, and organizations of all types can see the benefits. Some real-life examples. and use cases include:

  1. Retail: Optimizing inventory management, personalizing marketing campaigns, and predicting customer demand are just some beneficiaries that can be granted when a data strategy consultant is working in your favor. 
  2. Healthcare: A strong data strategy in the healthcare industry can be revolutionary for improving systems. It can improve patient outcomes through predictive analytics, optimize resource allocation, and enhance clinical decision-making. Read more about healthcare data challenges here.
  3. Finance: Data collected and strategized in finance can be used to enhance risk management, detect fraudulent activities, and optimize investment strategies. 
  4. Manufacturing: A data strategy consultant can help streamline manufacturing projects in many ways, including; improving production efficiency, predicting equipment failures, and optimizing supply chain management.
  5. Real Estate: There is copious amounts of data required in the world of real estate. From fund management, property investments, predictive data for market trends, and customer profiles, it’s clear that there’s a need for a strong data strategy to leverage the data. Read more about data challenges in real estate here.

How to Find a Good Consultant

If you relate to Heels Galore, you’re not alone. But if you’re still hesitant because you’ve heard negative things about Tier-1 consulting firms that have turned you off, or you don’t understand how it works, or you may be worried about accurately vetting them – there are some strategies you can take to figuring out who is the right fit for you. Finding the right data strategy consultant is crucial for the success of your initiatives. Here are some questions to ask when evaluating potential consultants:

What is your goal?

Narrow down exactly what you want help with – What kinds of services are you looking for? What are areas you’ve identified that are your problem spots? Are you looking for specialized development or do you need a more holistic approach? What is your timeline looking like? What is the outcome you hope for? Do you have an idea of what that looks like? This will help you look for consultants that are experts in that field. 

What is Their Expertise?

Consider consultants with a proven track record and extensive experience in data strategy consulting. Look into their client retention rate and what kinds of companies they’ve worked with in the past – does this experience align with your company? Asking for portfolio information can help you determine if they are equipped to help you with your problems. These are the kind of people who will know what you need and can give you detailed advice on the situation.

What is Their Approach? 

Determine if the consultant offers hands-on guidance tailored to your specific needs or provides a more general service. Does their approach sound applicable to your current processes and business plan? What kind of experience do they provide? Transparency is key so that you go in knowing what the process will look like and how to manage expectations.

What are Their Company Values? 

Look for consultants whose values align with your organization’s culture and objectives. Are they transparent with their goals? If you have particular values that you uphold within your own organization, finding companies that align will fortify the collaboration. Especially if there are social ventures you are interested in supporting, such as diversity and inclusion, knowing the consultancy’s values will help you better understand the type of company you are dealing with.

Even further, look into the types of initiatives they are also a part of – do they support local or global NGOs? Are they a part of any councils or memberships you follow or appreciate? Are they vocal about their values, and demonstrate it through their actions? Have they been recognized for their work in these areas? These questions will help you determine if they are good on their word about those said values.

Do They Fit With Your Company Culture?

Assess if the consultant’s communication style, work ethic, and values align with your organization’s culture. You will be working (hopefully) closely with these consultants on your project, and like the way that you hire employees that fit well within your company culture, you should also consider if they also fit alongside your in-house team. Make sure to have a meeting with potential consultants beforehand – human interaction speaks volumes. If they offer a complimentary consultation session – like a “data date” as seen above, then take the opportunity to get a feel for the people behind the company. Don’t be afraid to shop around and speak to a range of people to get a better idea of what the data strategy consulting field looks like, so you can compare and contrast.

Remember: Size Doesn’t Matter. 

Don’t overlook the smaller consulting firms or independent consultants; focus on finding the best fit for your requirements. Smaller firms usually offer more personal approaches to your consulting services and can be a much better fit for your needs than any major corporation. Especially if you value experience and a hands-on approach over brand names, you will most definitely get a better bang for your buck by taking a chance on the smaller, more tailored companies. While a portfolio is important to hiring the best help, quality is always better than quantity. 


Data strategy consulting plays a pivotal role in helping organizations unlock the full potential of their data assets. Whether you’re looking to drive revenue growth, improve operational efficiency, or gain a competitive advantage, partnering with the right consultant can propel your data-driven initiatives to new heights. By understanding the nuances of data strategy consulting, assessing your organization’s needs, and selecting a consultant that aligns with your objectives, you can embark on a transformative journey towards data-driven success.

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